About our Products

Pennyworths are proud of the products that we stock and we have a network of more than 15 suppliers providing our stock range. Some of our sweets are still made in copper pans to decade old recipes….our strawberry bon bons have a real cream toffee centre and our kola kubes are chewy in the middle! We wouldn’t stock anything less. This is why our shop has many regular customers who visit us every week, ordering their old favourites each time.

We source the best confectionery products available and never compromise on quality. We always stock the branded version of  a product, rather than a cheaper alternative, so that you can be sure that you are buying the original, traditional product. Our Midget Gems are from Lions and contain liquorice gums in the mix and our Milk Gums are the original, dusted variety produced by Barratts,

Sadly, some old favourites do disappear….Lions Butterscotch Gums disappeared a few years ago, many Customers still ask us for them on the off-chance that they have been brought back. Sometimes products disappear and never return, so make sure that you buy and support your favourites.

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