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Belgian Salt Liquorice – Zouts


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Single Salt Liquorice


Now, we like our Customers and so we’re not going to lie to you. Salt liquorice is definitely an acquired taste and is not for everyone. It’s really popular in continental, northern Europe in places like Iceland and Sweden. It’s a real marmite sweet, if you love salty liquorice you REALLY love it. If you don’t like it you will screw your face up, spit it out and then rinse your mouth out with whatever you can get hold of! There really are no half measures with this one. As for the level of salt, single salt is the entry level for salt liquorice. We do double salt liquorice and triple salt too.

You’ll receive a 150g bag of firm, salty liquorice

Natural acacia gum, sugar, corn syrup, natural liquorice, citric or tartric acid, natural & artificial flavours, colours carbo medicinalis vegetalis, glazing agent steam or officinal paraffin.


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